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Basic equipment for baby's sleep - District for kids

During the first year of life, your newborn will spend most of its time sleeping. With up to 20 hours a day, sleeping is the main occupation in the first few weeks and an important factor for the good development of your baby. It is therefore important that you create the best conditions for the ideal sleeping environment. In our online shop you will find everything you need for a healthy and peaceful sleep for your newborn - so that parents and child feel comfortable from day one and can relax throughout the day and night. In addition to a well-fitting baby sleeping bag , the basic sleeping equipment also includes a bed snake , which serves as head protection in the cot and as protection against drafts. A swaddle should definitely be part of the baby's initial equipment. The swaddle sleeping bag can help you to soothe your child by providing a safe environment like in the womb. So that your child can get a good night's sleep on the go, you should also have a blanket for the baby seat or the child seat in the car and the stroller in your sleeping equipment. It ensures that your baby is comfortably warm and snuggly bedded even when you are out and about. Due to its good size and low weight, you can use a baby nest conveniently as a travel cot when travelling, among other things. When your baby feels safe and secure, they can fall asleep almost anywhere.

Optimal sleeping environment for your baby - This is what baby's ideal sleeping place looks like

When looking for the right sleeping environment, the focus is clearly on your baby's safety. Therefore, think about it in good time by observing a few important rules for the sleeping situation:

  • Lay your baby on their back in a well-fitting sleeping bag to sleep
  • Ensure adequate air circulation by airing regularly
  • The sleeping place should be absolutely smoke-free
  • Less is more: Avoid stuffed animals, duvets and pillows in the cot for the first few months

These rules can be very helpful in getting your baby to sleep. As soon as your child is big enough to cover and uncover itself, you can replace the sleeping bag in the cot with cute bed linen. The switch to a blanket usually takes place after the first year of life at the earliest.