Moses baskets from District 4 Kids - a secure place to sleep for the first few months

The Moses basket offers your baby a relaxing place in the first months of life where it can find security and protection. It is ideal if you want to have your baby close to you during the day but still want to do other things in peace. The compact size makes it easy to move the baby basket from room to room. At the same time, always keep an eye on your offspring. Please make sure that the basket is not suitable for carrying your baby by the handles. The mattress inside the Moses basket ensures that your baby is soft and stable. You can easily remove the fabric cover of the mattress and take care of it. You can do without a pillow and a blanket at that age. If you want to make your baby even more comfortable in the bassinet, we recommend using a sleeping bag or swaddle instead of a blanket and pillow.

Moses changing basket

You can also use the Moses basket as a changing basket. It is a great alternative to the conventional changing mat and an eye-catcher on the changing table.

Up to what age can a Moses basket be used?

From birth, the baby basket creates a relaxing space for your newborn, where it can rest. As a rule, it can be used up to an age of approx. 6 months or a weight of approx. 9 kg. As soon as your baby can sit up on their own, turn around or support themselves on their hands and feet, you should stop using it on elevations, as there may be a risk of falling. However, you can still use the Moses basket on flat surfaces and beyond as a beautiful decorative element, to store toys or as a doll's bed.

Versatile & durable design

Whether Moses basket made of wicker, woven from cotton yarn or paper mesh. Discover a great selection of baskets in different designs and high-quality materials. The timeless designs will bring you and your child joy for a long time. If required, you can also purchase a suitable frame for the Moses basket from us. The frames are specially designed for the baskets and serve as a practical extension. Some models even have a rocking function that you can use to gently rock your baby to sleep.